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Deep within the Forgotten World, where miners, railway workers and farmers once filled the air with the sounds and smells of industry, now lies a bridge that leads, literally to nowhere. There are only a few ways you can reach this remote place - such as by Jet Boat or helicopter - both options offered by Forgotten World Adventures. Below we share a few tips to keep in mind when visiting the iconic Bridge to Nowhere.


The people who went before us were a hardy bunch and although the walk to the Bridge to Nowhere is well trodden, when visiting it's best to be prepared and mindful. 


Bridge to Nowhere Construction 1936

Rich with history, mana and natural wonders, we are not the first to walk here. 

The large concrete bridge is an icon within the Whanganui National Park that was built to provide road access to the lower and middle valley farms. Constructed in the mid-1930s the Bridge to Nowhere is the largest and most intact structure relating to the former Mangapurua Valley Soldiers Settlement and has an Historic Places Trust Category I listing. However, by the time the bridge was completed, the areas of the Mangapurua Valley were deserted, the bridge rarely used and the construction of the road to the Whanganui River abandoned.  


Walking on to the Bridge to Nowhere Whanganui National ParkBe prepared to strip down to a T-shirt or throw on rainwear.

Mother Nature can be fickle. Walking through this wonderland, it's a good idea to have some sturdy shoes with a bit of grip. And don't forget protection - sunscreen, hat and sunglasses!

When riding on the jetboat an extra layer of clothing is recommended. 



Walking on the Bridge to NowhereFeast your eyes on the beauty, there is so much to see.

If you're wanting to take home some memories, have your devices (camera, phone and video camera) charged. It's a great idea to give them some water protection.




New Zealand TuiListen to the birdsong. You may recognise the distinctive call of the Tui or hear the flap of wings as a Falcon sweeps past. 

Listen to your guide, your skipper and your drivers. They are trained to show you around and keep you safe. 




Drinking waterWater and snacks are always great to have on board, but remember whatever you take in, take out. 

Forgotten World Adventures is committed to the Tiaki Promise - a promise to care for New Zealand for now and for future generations.


Escape to the Bridge to Nowhere with Forgotten World Adventures.

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