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Experience the best of both worlds - on the rail track and cycle track. Enjoy a 10 Tunnel Rail Cart experience on Day 1 venturing through 40km of the old SOL rail line and spend the night at Forgotten World Motel. Explore the last stretch of the epic Timber Trail - one of New Zealand's 22 Great Rides - from Piropiro to Ongarue (self-drive to Bennett's Car Park in Ongarue). This makes for a great weekend getaway!


  • Experience 10 Tunnels on the Forgotten World Railway
  • Explore the Southern half of the epic Timber Trail


  • 10 Tunnel Rail Cart Tour
  • Lauren's Lavender Farm
  • 1 x night's accommodation at the Forgotten World Motel
  • Shuttle from Ongarue to Piropiro
  • Cycle the Southern Half of the Timber Trail
  • Standard Bicycle Hire from Epic Cycles

Rail Track to Cycle Track




Whilst the Timber Trail cycleway is classified as a Grade 2 (Easy), it is still a long ride and once on the trail, there is no escape route or cellphone coverage. If you are new to cycling or are not as fit as you could be, you need to be prepared for a long day. The average time to do each section of the ride is around 5.5 hours (with lots of stops), but some groups have taken up to 8 hours. Ensure you bring enough water and food to last the day, and have suitable gear.