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Not sure what to pack for your trip to the Forgotten World? 

We have compiled a suggestion list to help you out. If you're ever unsure, feel free to call or email us anytime. 


W H A T   T O   B R I N G

The RailCarts have waterproof containers on the back of each cart that are ideal for holding personal day bags and extra coats. Please find a list of things you may want to bring with you just below.  

Allergy medications
  • Being a rural environment there are insects around. If you require any allergy medications please ensure you have them with you.
Warm clothing
  • As the weather can be changeable and tunnels cool year round, we recommend you bring warm layers and/ or a windproof light jacket. 
  • Between April and November we suggest you bring a warm jacket, hat and gloves. 
Rainproof coat if rain is forecast. 
  • The carts have waterproof plastic sides that ensure that the inside of the carts remain relatively dry, but waterproof gear can be useful on a really wet day.
Sturdy Footwear
  • Robust sandals are fine but, please no jandals (flip flops/ thongs) or heels.
  • If your chosen tour includes meals you can rest assured you will be well fed and watered. If you like to have extra snacks available consider packing some for the ride.   
Water bottle
  • You can refill your bottle at our meal stops.
  • The New Zealand sun can be harsh on a summers' day. Don't forget your sunscreen. 
  • For those sunny days.
  • You'll could fill a card of photos twice over with the Forgotten World stunning landscapes, please don't forget your trusted camera. 
  • Along the line there are often local artisans selling homemade goods, these will be cash only. 

Other Frequently Asked Questions